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Roofmate distributed by Panel Systems is an extruded polystyrene designed to insulate roofs. With flat roof constructions Roofmate is designed to be installed above the waterproof layer as an inverted roof construction.

This protects the waterproof membrane from excessive temperature changes and weathering.
Manufactured by Dow Chemical it is extruded in the UK and is a distinctive blue colour.
Roofmate is extruded using recycled CO2 and is available in three types

Roofmate SLA - Insulation for ballasted inverted roofs
Roofmate LGA - Insulation for inverted roofs with a 10mm mortar topping
Roofmate RLA - Insulation for pitched roofs

Also available is

Roofmate MK - Membrane to be used with Roofmate SLA & LGA to minimise heat losss due to rainwater cooling.

Extensive stocks of Roofmate are maintained at our warehouse close to Junction 31 of the M1. This location is ideal for distribution across the UK or for collection.

Buy Roofmate roof insulation online by visiting the Panel Systems store

We also supply the following Dow Products:-
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